The Power of Night: Testing the H&Y night filter

By Eugene Theron

A filter that ‘absorbs’ light pollution? Now this is something I have to see. Since I have been working with H&Y I have been meaning to get out and try their PureNight filter. I love astrophotography but only do it occasionally. This required a dedicated trip.

At the promise of clear skies, I head to Anglesey to visit St Cwyfan’s Church in the Sea. In September the milky way rises directly behind this intriguing structure. Unfortunately, the moon was still up and then scene a bit bright but I persisted nonetheless. Not all night shots have to have the milky way incorporated, right!?

Using the PureNight filter is really as easy as using anything else in the H&Y range. Magnetic frame snaps onto the holder and you are ready to shoot. Simple as that. Dial in your favourite settings and shoot to your hearts content. As with any filter you put in front of your lens there will a slight reduction in light reaching the sensor. While this effect from the PureNight filter not significant, by my calculations you will have to adjust your settings by 0.3 – 0.5 of a stop. 

The results are pretty self-evident to be honest. The filter does what it says on the tin and absorbs the yellow hues from sodium- and mercury-vapour light, while allowing the blue light wavelengths to transmit through the filter. The resulting image has significantly reduced light pollution, especially when shooting closer to built-up areas.

So, my overall impressions are that this filter does what it says by significantly reducing light pollution. Astro photographers in countries like the UK would do well to get a filter like this. Especially if they are shooting close to urban areas (ie: most of the country). 

Eugene Theron is a landscape photographer based in north Wales and is a H&Y Filters UK Ambassador. He spends most of his time photographing the mountains of Snowdonia National Park and the amazing Welsh coast. You can find out more about his photography and prints by visiting his website and social media platforms. 





Without TrueNight Filter

With TrueNight Filter